Temple of Ape

by Temple of Ape Collective

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1. Theme For A Normal Family
2. All Cats Are Animals
2.5. Don't Bogart Melium (only available on hard copy)
3. Die Alive
3.5. Auntie Monkey Butt (only available on hard copy)
4. Ta Da
4.5. Stickeyewe (only available on hard copy)
5. Southside Savior
6. Raise The Dawn
7. Wind Fall Light
8. Illusionary Time Force
9. Party @ Q's House
Sounds All Full Music 2018
Recorded at Franklin Park Fidelity Studios


released May 3, 2018

Aaryn M Russell
Aileen Adler
Mike Ded Drums on "Wind Fall Light"


all rights reserved



Aaryn M Russell Austin, Texas

I love making a variety of music with a variety of people or by myself

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Track Name: All Cats Are Animals
Give me your heart, my love
I'll give you mine
Tear it out, one artery at a time
Show me your soul, love
I'll show you five
I've been collecting them
Most of my life
Give you my heart, my love
Give you my

The cat is black
Or I think it will rain
You know what I mean

Walking close behind you
In the night
Moon casts shadows there
Too bright
Stepping with your heartbeat
Left, left, then right
Give me your fears, my love
They'll comfort mine
Give me your fears, your love
Give me your
Track Name: Die Alive
I wanna die while I'm alive
and kissing Your lips
Your warm thighs on my fingertips
splash Your ocean in my face
I wanna die while I'm alive

A full belly from
food my friends made
a sunny day and night full of rain
roll in the dirt and forget my name
I wanna die while I'm alive

Don't let me die in a hospital bed
I wanna live 'til the day I'm dead

I wanna die while I'm alive
and singing songs
dancing bare in a moonlit fall
using all of my teeth to survive
I wanna die while I'm alive

I wanna die while I'm alive
and tearing my sides
laughing in pain, crying in smiles
no way I can escape
I wanna die while I'm alive
Track Name: Ta Da
Keep you life
It's lazy, go where it wanna go
Not always on your side of the world
It's busy, a slave to dividing time

We've got a lizard that lives in our house
We call, Ta Da!
Track Name: Southside Savior
People are talkin'
say you gotta get your shit straight
'cause backs are breakin'
and knees are rubbed raw
there's some rules to this thing we call, Love
and you're not gettin' it through your thick skull

You keep tellin' me
you've got nothin' to lose
but, I know baby, somthin's got to give
'cause the people you're hurtin', someday won't be there
so, come back, baby, back to where it's good to live

On the southside,
where the sun is warm
that's where, baby
you should be
Track Name: Raise The Dawn
Life, oh Life
The mysteries abound
That star shining bright
May no longer be around
Love and Hate
Sometimes, one in the same
Choice or Fate
Like a Three Monte game

So, I say
Pilot on my Brothers
Pilot on my Sisters
The sky is yours, my Brothers
The sky is yours, my Sisters
So, Raise The Dawn
Raise The Dawn

In every Life
The sun goes down
Pain and Strife
So easy to be found
Worry and Confusion
Wastes your Day
It's all an illusion
Don't let it take you away
Track Name: Wind Fall Light
Wind Fall Light
Track Name: Illusionary Time Force
We cross into insanity- we cross into clarity
We cross into the universe and transcend into the
Illusionary time force of the inevitably inevitables,
As we keep moving with the moon and sun.
Out of control
Feel the vast minuteness and the minute vastness
It's different for everybody
We are all the same unknown, same unknown
I like it
I lick it
Track Name: Party @ Q's House
If you wanna come around here
Well, you better come with your mind open

'Cause we're gonna have a good time, alright!
Dancin' and freaking in the sun-
Shine on our faces
Not being told who we are, by anyone

So, if you wanna come around here
You better come with your mind open
Said, if you wanna come around here
You better open that mind

'Cause, sometimes they're a boy and
Sometimes they're a girl and
Sometimes they don't know
What they want to be in this world
So, we're all gonna reach down and lift 'em up
'Cause, we all know how to fall,
Put that old, blind world right behind ya
Free your body, come on baby, let's have a ball

'Cause it's a
@ Q's house, Q's House

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